Crossethnic project of culture and sports
    Topic: Modern Festival of National Jewish Cultures, Tourism, and Sport
    A contemporary view on customs, traditions, research, study, and development of interethnic and interfaith relations between countries and their Jewish heritage
    Familiarity with the achievements of famous personalities in the world community - immigrants from Moldova and other countries of the world. Multicultural exchange of Jewish communities of world organizations on the Jewish common ground
    Multiculturalism is one of the main aspects of tolerance. The policy of cultural differences aimed at their preservation and development, both in a single country and throughout the world under a specific ideology.

    Ideology: To show the Freedom and the Courage of the modern Jewish community development, as part of the multifaceted Moldovan-Jewish culture in the state of the country. To convey the significance of historical heritage and present the Republic of Moldova as a country with rich interethnic features.

    Aims: To attract an international tourist attention to Jewish community culture of organizer country, through familiarity with the traditions, customs and incomparable flavor of the national characteristics of the country. Famous historical and modern personalities of the Jewish community of the state on the world stage.
    Popularization among the Jewish communities of the world and among the natives progenies, all historical, architectural, cultural and sports facilities of the country. Organization of visits to national and memorable importance places of Moldova for Jewish communities of world.
    Highlight the value of historical and modern talents born in the territory of Bessarabia, the cultural and sports arena of the world.

    The festival is a unique socio-cultural project with an ideology that underlies the global community as a whole. As well as self-education, self-development and personal achievements of famous people in different areas of culture and sports based on the primary national values ​​of Jewish education and the characteristics of the international trends of Jewish heritage.

    Review: The target audience of the festival attendance is not only citizens of the organizer country, but also numerous people from Jewish communities of different countries of the world.
    A rich history and culture, interesting to multiple age groups of people. Each organizer country and its Jewish community has the right to be proud of numerous great names in the history of art, culture, and sports.
    Proposed Event of the Festival - “MACCABI ARTA” - FREEDOM COURAGE created as part of an international brand project “FU” FREEDOM COURAGE, which is dedicated to the first and most important stage of human life: The Courage to be Free.
    The main idea of ​​the project “FU”: “ not an easy life can become a fairy tale if you try to make it so.

    The ideology was chosen for the reason, since “the courage to be free” has been the basis of the Jewish religion and culture since ancient times when Jews came out of Egyptian slavery.
    For many centuries, Jews fought for their existence, fought for their ideology of free and courageous people who follow their own principles and respect all historically established religious and state institutions.

    Therefore, Jewish communities in any country in the world have always increased the wealth of their status and strengthened the state system of the country of residence, assimilating and developing in any society.
    We all know about the special uniqueness of many people, and we are confident that such a festival will be able to unite many people, since each of us is a unique world of talents, and within each country, there is a whole Universe of amazing personalitie’s talents, who can share their experience, creativity, ups and downs wisdom, failures lessons, new knowledge, and victories meaning.

    Such a socio-cultural festival is also aimed at developing the principles of mutual understanding and mutual respect for all national confessions, as one of the basic values ​​of many nations in a modern geopolitical society.

    The most important thing in creating this project is the common, unified atmosphere and the number of different entertainment and educational places and activities  for citizens and guests of the country, which is an integral part of cultural life throughout the country, a positive and significant image-making event of the year on the world stage of mass projects.
    A brand event with ideology is a holiday that unites people, fills participants and spectators with spiritual energy increases cultural values, develops them, promotes an invaluable exchange of experience between nationalities.

    And also, the opportunity to attract the attention of the general public to the various typical issues of today are certainly the best way to develop tourism in the regions. Such an event allows demonstrating the country's politic positions, its rich cultural heritage.

    This is a new page in the study of history and the and demonstration of the countries modernity across the world. The popularization of national culture, the exchange of historical values, modern traditions spin off the good Jewish traditions of mass celebrations  - “Aidishe Mame”.

    This event is another big step into “open doors” for modern young generations, a great chance to learn and fall in love with history, culture and traditions.
    Get unforgettable impressions of exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
    After all, this is exactly what everyone is looking for in a new journey. This format automatically gives the acquisition of tours, which is very important for a tour operators.
    Recommended example for the annual Bessarabian international festival –
    “MACCABI ARTA” - FREEDOM COURAGE – Sukkot holiday period
    from 13 to 20 October 2020.
    (dates are negotiated additionally from October 2 to October 9)
    The international event tours during the days of the festival - active holidays for tourists:
    3 days - 4 nights, 4 days - 5 nights, 5 days - 6 nights. The active days of the festival and the detailed development of the program of the festival days, the development of the structure and logistics of the promotional activities of the event in the first proposed variant by the organizer - 3 days of mass festivities and a big gala concert.
    The expected number of audience on the active days of the festival program is 15,000 to 25,000 people each day.

    Festival geography: Among the participants of the cultural and sports program there will be representatives of Moldova and also foreign guests from Israel, USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, China, Japan, Brazil and other countries of the world.
    Orientation to the International Client is the key to the prosperity and development of the region.
    The venue of the Bessarabian International Festival of Culture and Sports - “MACCABI ARTA” - FREEDOM COURAGE - “Vatra” – Ethnocultural, tourist complex, the purpose of which is to organize absolutely new image events that should promote the country of Moldova at the international level and be the epicenter of state-level events.
    The ethnocultural complex “Vatra” is located on the territory of the  Kodra forest, which is the invaluable natural wealth of the Republic of Moldova.
    In a relatively small area of ​​the Moldovan reserve is concentrated a huge number of the most diverse nature monuments, differing in unique color and of scientific, ecological and tourist value.
    In support of a healthy lifestyle and ideology of the whole project, - FREEDOM COURAGE - this place is an exceptional opportunity to hold sports marathons for residents and guests of the program the festival with the participation of famous athletes of the modern world Jewish community, drawing public attention to the need to respect and protect the invaluable natural wealth of this unique place on a world map of unique natural places.
    Festival program:
    This event will be the epicenter of the Jewish communal national cultures of the year in the brightest point of the Republic of Moldova - the tourist center “Vatra”.
    Three days of the festival “MACCABI ARTA” - FREEDOM COURAGE will become one of the most vivid and memorable for all visitors at the beginning of the New Jewish Year in the good and hospitable traditions of mass festivities of nationalities and ethnic groups under the patronage of the government "at the national and local levels."
    Many existing projects of global and community significance, programs that cover a wide audience of interests and ages. Everyone will be comfortable here, will be interesting and useful, gathering tasty and fun memories for the whole year. Welcome to the Republic of Moldova!

    There are interesting educational tours are waiting for residents and guests of an amazing multi-ethnic region Bessarabia in the epicenter of the event “FREEDOM BESSARABIA”

    Sports “breakfasts” of professional and amateur sports, dance awakenings with the best choreographies and athletes, competitions and marathons for the whole family -

    Meetings with famous personalities, directors, artists and actors, ardent discussions with journalists and bloggers, press conferences in the concept face to face with the star - “FREEDOM STAR”.

    Photo-exhibitions of colorful places of the country, competitions, exhibitions of masters, fairs and expositions of national brands, many masterclasses from the best professional specialists in various fields of small and medium-sized businesses - “FREEDOM FASHION”.

    Presentations of new community projects, development of interethnic relations, lectures and political courses, business interactions from presidents of various foundations on the Jewish and international ethnic issues, seminars, lectures on various topics of the “personality brand” -

    Scientific and technological presentations, competitions for the best startup projects from various Jewish community centers and project developers in new technologies for further investment and development in the field of technological entrepreneurship at home and abroad, the exchange of knowledge between existing projects - “FREEDOM TECHNOLOGIES”.

    Screenings of films on a competitive basis in the framework of the festival. Participating films should be united by the idea of ​​the story about Jewish culture in its various branches: the life of the people in the Diaspora and in Israel, art, religion, identity issues, family values, the Jewish history of the 20th century and modern times - “FREEDOM CINEMA”.

    Competitions for young animators mini-production of film series and music videos as part of the festival-competition of children social advertising during the festival to encourage animation and film production among local kids - “FREEDOM NANOWOOD”. A special interactive competition and lectures from the organizers of the festival based on their own design for a more effective advertising policy on the world stage when distributing high-quality advertising and consumer information products on the Internet.

    A fair-bazaar of national Moldavian and Jewish cuisine with competitions and shows by local chefs, bartenders, waiters, wine tasting of various varieties. Great wine is the pride of the Moldavian people, and it makes this country special. Get acquainted with the culinary traditions of the Moldavian people and national Jewish dishes on a fair “FREEDOM TASTE”.

    A concert day program of the festival: during all three days, performances of various local national and community collectives of folk are planned. Folklore art of klezmers in live performance, theatrical sketches of nominal Jewish performances, round dances in which all visitors of any age can take part - “FREEDOM FOLK”.

    Evening shows programs, with the participation of young local artists, live music, choreographic groups, disco, incendiary DJ performances of mixing the best known national tracks. The final gala concert. Spectacular light show, original animations and world celebrity stars - “FREEDOM COURAGE”.
    Interactions of high examples of Jewish and national musical innovative culture with classical, folklore, pop samples of the world cultural heritage with local interethnic cooperation are taken into account.
    The festival is planned to become a tradition due to its unique concept of building show programs under the guidance of the best producers and directors, operators, organizers, logisticians, PR managers, media creators of the modern market for the development, management and servicing of branded events, and developed content in general.
    The proposed festival content has a clear vector development structure and depends on a more detailed development of the entire three-day program - “MACCABI ARTA” - FREEDOM COURAGE.
    Budgets are calculated separately, the stage-by-stage elaboration of which will be provided after signing an agreement on full or partial organization, a plan of advertising activity for the event, which is negotiated with all parties interested in funds, sponsors, investors, where the cost of it includes the agreed starting package of the organization campaign for the whole event.
    Presentations of selected projects, media plans for promoting content, detailed production estimates, original design layouts, directing concert programs.
    Monitoring and regulating the list of participants, providing a service of transparent statistics and tracking the progress of work of additional companies to organize, developing the structure and appearance of public relations campaigns.
    Logistics, information support, information, and commercials, printed materials, preservation of a single original brand appearance, Internet resources, radio, interviews, distribution of public relations campaigns, information and quality control of public relations.
    Festival program and quality content - those are an effective PR logistics of the organizer company and all rights belong to the ideological specialists - SHOWOW producer center Israel from the brand project: License: TuneCore (on behalf of FreeKing Unicorn © 2019)